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Bath Time It's Not Just For Kids

Updated: May 17

When my kids were little bath time always signaled the end of the day and bedtime was right around the corner. It wasn't until many years later that I discovered what an adults bath time would mean to me.

When the kids grew up and I started to have time for myself I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. So one night when I was feeling stressed out and exhausted I decided I needed to pamper myself a little and I came across a picture like the one above in a magazine. So up the stairs I went with my candles in one hand and lavender mint Himalayan salt in the other. Still thinking to myself, ok well if nothing else this will be fun. I started to run the water, lit the candles, poured the scented sea salt in the tub and closed the lights. A tiny shock of excitement ran through me as I began to take in the smells and the steam in the air. I won't lie I ran down stairs got my favorite drink and ran back up to the tub. I lowered myself into the warm fragrant water and realized at that moment what I had been missing. I turned on some meditation music and sipped my beverage and felt all the tensions of the day start to unravel. It was the most me I had felt in years and why should I question it now.

The bottom line is this, tubs aren't just for kids, it's very much a grown-up thing, a cleansing opportunity of the soul and spirit. We have put together a great special.

Meditation candle, scented bath salts, aromatic bath bombs, special cleansing soap and a wonderful body cream along with re-energizing crystals.

Make taking a bath your new private time and ritual.

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