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Why I Created My Own CBD Cream

Let me first give you some health background on myself. I had worked for years standing on my feet on cement surfaces that over time deteriorated the cartilage in my knees. Cortisone and Gel shots and some weight loss have kept the knee pain and surgery at bay.

Six years ago I began to have awful pain in my left neck and shoulder. No matter what I did nothing would help, message made it worse and because of some stomach issues I was unable to take anti-inflammatories. The pain got worse so I went to my primary figuring I just have just pulled a muscle. He gave me some pain medication and muscle relaxers and in a week I was fine. This was the beginning of a cycle for me. Every 5-6 months my neck would act up in the same fashion. After just assuming it was a weakness and storing stress in my neck and shoulder area we did this routine for about 4 years.

Just around that time they began cracking down on the over prescribing of pain medication. On one of the occasions I was in real pain I called the office and he told me he would no longer be able to give me any pain meds. I said, “Ok what the heck do you expect me to do?” He gave me the medication this time and a referral to go to a pain management doctor and an appointment for an MRI to see what was going on. It turned out I had 3 degenerative disks in my neck which were pinching the nerves causing the nerve pain in my neck and down my arm. I can only compare it to when you bite your cheek and then because its swollen you keep biting it for days until one day you just don't. This is what was happening in my neck. The bone would pinch the nerve the nerve would swell and get irritated and. cycle would begin. Thank God I thought, he can stop treating me like a drug addict and sees why I am in such pain. He suggested I see a neurosurgeon which I did and by the time I was done with him I knew surgery was not an option for me. I’ll try the pain clinic route. I made the appointment with MRI in hand and the doctor feels a cortisone shot in my neck should help. This was no typical cortisone shot I needed to have an x-ray while it was being done because of its location.

Two days later and no relief, my other shoulder began to hurt. I call the pain doctor who did not to have a direct line and waited 2 days for them to call me back. I was finally given prednisone hoping it would bring down the inflammation and Gavapenton for the pain. Nothing, nothing , nothing and as far as I was concerned 3 strikes and you’re out. I’m not dumping anything else in my body on a trial basis. After a week of excruciating pain It stopped, only to rear it ugly head 5 months later. I call my primary speak to the nurse practitioner who knows my situation and could see the pain I was in, she said let me call him and see what he says. I get a call back saying go to the pain doctor and I basically said go to hell. I’ve done that and it doesn’t help. At this point I was so upset and in so much pain that I texted him (which I’m sure to this day he wish he never gave me his number) and blew up. I said you know my pain is not fake, you see I went to the clinic for help and got no where. I know you were among the group of doctors who advised against over prescribing medication but what about the people who legitimately need it? What about the people who don’t abuse it and who don’t have the addiction problem with it. Not everyone who needs medication is an addict or will become one. I ended my text and got a phone call about 20 minutes later from the nurse practitioner. He obviously read my message and had her call me to see if I was ok. Well I wasn’t and told her as much. After hanging up with her and having a good cry for myself on the way home I started to get angry. If he wasn’t going to help me I needed to help myself and I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen.

In Massachusetts, my hometown dispensaries are legal. I went in told them what I needed and went home to play mad scientist. I followed the directions that they gave with a little moderation and 2 days later I had my very first full spectrum CBD balm. Never feeling fully pain free I rubbed some on my neck and shoulder and within 10 minutes the pain had subsided. Was this possible or just my imagination? I begin reaching out of everyone who I knew who had an ache or pain of one kind or another. All with great success. People with arthritis found almost instant relief and people with more severe pain felt relief from pain they had been experiencing for years. No this wasn’t just in my head this was real. I started out giving samples to people with various ailments and was looking for their feed back. I found that out of 40 people I had given it to only 2 people did not get much relief but they had also been taking large amounts of CBD already.

Had I actually made something that helped people like myself who were suffering in pain and their doctor had (Shut them off) so to speak. It appeared so.

So you may ask, "well what makes ours better than the kind I can get at a pharmacy?" The difference is mine is a full spectrum balm. Nothing has been removed, the THC and other parts of the plant remain infused in the oil and along with the Emu Oil it allows the CBD to absorb deeper into the skin and help the needed areas.

Along with the CBD I also added Essential Oils that I knew would enhance the balm with their own anti inflammatory properties such as Arnica seed extract, Rosemary, Lavender, Black Pepper oil and many others.

I’m now working on a balm for those who can’t or do not want to use CBD. Despite the fact that topically applied CBD with THC does to get in your blood stream as if you were smoking it or ingesting it, it COULD come up positive on a drug test and I certainly don’t want anyone getting into trouble.

This new CBD Free pain relief version uses the most potent essential oils that fight inflammation and provides natural pain relief to your body.

With the new restrictions on medications I think we will find ourselves turning more and more back to nature. I use this balm on a regular basis and have not had a severe flair up in a while.

Along with our balm I have a headache roll-on and. foot soak for those with arthritis in their feet.

I hope this has given you a little chance to know me and what I do and I hope if you are feeling this or any type of discomfort you will give the products a try.

God Bless and Have a Great day!

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